OX Ranch Rope Shop

We have a lot of ropes to choose from here at the OX Ranch Rope Shop. With 20 different kinds of rope stocked in 50', that is about the biggest long rope line-up in the U.S. If we would add all the different lays available, we could come up to 40 or better. Some of them are stocked in 60', but all can be ordered in different lengths from 30' to 70', or as much as your hand can hold.

The pictures in the rope line-up will let you see what they look like, but you will have to trust the description of what they feel like. And because of different roping skills and arm strength, a rope may not feel the same to next guy.

If you could come to the shop like all our neighbors do, you could swing them all on the roping dummies we have scattered abound the place, and there is a good chance you will find something that works for you.

Or, if you can come and check them out at the shows, we go to the Jordan Valley Big Loop, the Winnemucca Ranch Rodeo and The Californios in Reno, Nevada.

The next best thing will be to call us and help us understand your needs.

I hope we'll get it right!

OX Ranch Ropes & Prices

Free Shipping on orders of 6 or more ropes!

  50' 60'
All nylon 3 strand / 5/16 and 3/8 scant 1.10 per foot 55.00 66.00
All nylon 4 strand / 3/8 scant 1.20 per foot 60.00  
All poly 3 strand, drylon, Owyhee & red nylon /5/16 & 3/8 1.30 per foot 65.00 78.00
All poly 4 strand / 3/8 scant 1.40 per foot 70.00 84.00
All ropes come with tied hondo and rawhide burner.


Horn Wrap Mule Hide 1 3/4 x 60 15.00
  Elk Hide 2 x 60 25.00
Rawhide Hondo by James Koepke     45.00
Plastic Speed Burner     3.50
Roping Gloves      
Blue Streak S-M-L pair 4.50
Cotton Blend S-M-L pair 2.00

Note: Left twist available in 3 strand and poly ropes in 3/8 scant and 5/16. Call for availablity. Prices subject to change without notice.

Warning: Roping can quickly become addictive. Check with your doctor to find out if roping is good for you!


Nylon Ropes

1. New Aged White Nylon

A longtime rancher's favorite, it's a pretty steady rope and easy to handle. It's not really fast but wears well and runs smooth on the horn.

- In a soft lay it's a good branding rope and the medium soft is popular as well. Lots of branding contests and horse ropings have been won with this rope.
- In an extra soft lay they let you throw a nice soft loop in the branding corral and come in pretty handy as a horse rope in the round pen.

3/8" scant stocked in 50' xs, s, ms
5/16" stocked in 50' s, ms

2. Red Tracer Nylon

Is a bit firmer than the new aged and with a tighter twist. A good usin' rope.

3/8" scant stocked 50' soft lay


3. Red, White and Blue Nylon - '"The Patriot"

Is a red, white and blue nylon rope. A 3/8" scant slightly undersized, it's pretty lively and you can have fun on the head with it. It does not bounce much on the heels either. It runs fast on the horn!

3/8" scant stocked in 50' and 60'

4. The Red Nylon

Our red nylon sizes a full 3/8 scant, and has more weight and speed than the regular nylon. With a lay between a soft and a medium soft, it's smooth on the heels and quick and heavy on the head. Wax free, it runs well on the horn. Our best rancher's all around rope today, it'll give you a lot of use branding calves or doctoring outside.

Stocked full 3/8 scant 50'

Waxed Nylon Blend 3 & 4 Strands

5. The Austin Roper

Dedicated to the central Nevada Cowgirl who first made this rope popular, this pink 4-strand waxed nylon poly blend is tough enough to hold the big Oreana cattle that quite often get wild in this part of the country.

Most often cut in super scant size to go to town and rope in a hurry when it really matters, it is also available in scant 3/8 and full 3/8 for when there is real work to be done. The Autin Roper is sure tough enough to wear pink!

Stocked in super scant soft and medium soft vailable in 7 lays from xxs to hard. (The medium soft is right in the middle)


6. The Stricker

Our newest addition to the wax nylon rope section, The Stricker is our version of a 4-strand nylon ranch rope.

Mellower than the other ropes in this section, it turns out to be a really good usin' rope. The scant 3/8 xs has enough life and weight to head them quick outside and the super scant make a really good rope to heel the small calves with.

With a lot of tip feel and a tight twist the loop opens really smooth allowing for a quicker throw. It is pretty easy to get use to it, and the beginner ropers like it too in xxs.

Stocked in 50' length scan 3/8 adn super scant ms to xxs.


Exclusive from King Ropes
7. The Pink Panther

A smaller rope with a lot of bite!

It's the latest addition to our waxed nylon section. A really fast 3 strand head rope. In a super scant size, it's also Purrrfect for the smaller hands.

Note: This rope won't get much stiffer in the heat. It will also stand up good to abuse and jerk. You won't have to baby the Panther!

Not a beginner's rope.

Stocked in 3/8" scant and 3/8" super scant 50' S and XS.

Special Order: Available in all lays XXS to MS. 5/16 to 7/16 from 35' to 60'.


8. Open Range - 3-Strand

The green rope that has become a favorite when the clock is ticking and the money is on the line. You can swing that rope as fast as you want with very little bounce and a lot of spring; it'll catch. As it's a bit slick and fast on the horn, it's not a beginners rope.

3/8" scant stocked in 50' XXS and XS
available in 5/16 and different lays
available in left twist too

9. Open Range - 4-Strand

Open Range also available in 4-strand for a more mellow feel.

3/8" scant 50' xxs, xs

10. The Eclipse

Is a 4-strand waxed Nylon blend with a peach-orange tint. In XS it has a lot of speed and the local boys have won quite a few buckles with it. It also runs pretty fast on the horn.

3/8" scant 50' xs

11. The Rigby

Exclusive from Rocky Mountain Rope Shop, the Rigby is a 4 strand rope in a yellow color. A really soft rope with a tight twist it's really quick on the head. It also lays a nice soft loop on the heels. Our best rope to go to town with to compete in the slick horn timed events.

Stocked in 3/8" scant and 3/8" super scant 35' and 50' in medium soft, soft and extra soft. Also available with a kicked honda, where the eye is laid to the right of the rope.

NOTE: The ropes in this section, labeled xxs and xs are in fact a lot stiffer than other ropes with the same label.

Poly Ropes

12. 3-Strand Poly Ropes Size 9.5

Are available in gold, white, red , black, blue and silver. This is the rope that a lot of Buckaroos will pack on their saddle, besides their reata.

The gold used to be the standard, but today the lay will vary and the color by itself does not mean that much anymore.

Right now the red feels like the best, about xs, and the black is pretty good too. The gold is softer and the blue is the finest and good to heel with. The silver is pretty firm too and slightly oversized.

3/8" scant 50' and 60'

13. The Stinger - 3-Strand Poly Size 9

In a gold and black fleck pattern, that smaller size makes it a lighter rope and fun to use on calves. A good choice for the roper with small hands.

5/16" full 50'

Poly Ropes 4-Strand

14. The Oreana Size 9.5

Is a 4-strand leaded poly in a white and blue fleck pattern. The tight twist and finish make it wear different from the other poly ropes. They start a bit firm but they soon become softer and mellow out. As it swings easy with a lot of reach, it is a good rope to catch a mount in the morning, or to go look for Oreanas in the rodear. A bit too soft for some people, it's not a beginner's rope either.

Stocked in 60'

15. Another 4-Strand

In a red, white and black pattern similar to the Oreana in your hands but with a softer feel.

Stocked in 60'

16. 4-Strand Yellow Poly

Is a leaded poly that swings lighter than the regular poly ropes. It throws quick and is fun to neck calves with in the branding pen. As it's not a really tough rope we don't recommend it on heavier cattle — nice to rope colts with in the round pen.

Stocked in 50'

Note: All these 4-Strand poly ropes need a little extra care as they don't handle jerks and stretches as good as 3-strands. A strand could pop out near the hondo when the heavy cattle hit the end of the rope. That said, some buckaroos don't use anything else as they feel closer to a reata.

17. Drylon

The Drylon is a different king of Nylon. With a medium soft feel on the heels and very little bounce. It's also smooth and fast on the head. It's not a wet weather rope as it absorbs more water than a regular nylon and then stiffens up quite a bit. With a tight twist it runs pretty hot on the horn — Still, it's a good rope to drag calves with.

Availalbe in 3/8 scant and 5/16

18.The Braided Nylon

Is a very smooth tight braided rope. As it swings and coils really easy it is a good choice for a beginner to acquire basic rope handling skills. Also, in 5/16 it's the best rope for kids to play with. While it is not really a popular rope among working cowboys, some buckaroos request it in 3/8 and use it in the branding pen. But watch out, it is really fast on the horn! And as it is braided, you can use it right or left handed.

5/16 stocked in 40'
3/8 stocked in 50'

19. Owyhee Poly

Is a 9.5 3-strand polyester designed as a low stretch calf rope. It used to come a little firmer but the rope we have now is pretty soft. A really good head rope, it can also be too fast for some people who could find themselves over swinging that rope. We don't recommend that rope for everyone, but if you like to swing twice before they hit the brush you are going to like it. They are also great to doctor cattle in the pasture with, and some boys from the Northern Range buy them in shorter lengths and tie off. One thing is for sure, they last forever. They get a bit stiffer in the heat.

Stocked 9.5 50'

In Conclusion

That about wraps it up for our rope selection at the present time. All the ropes selected here have been picked because they will work well with a slick horn, and that is why there are stocked in a 3/8 scant and 50' length. Most are available in different diameters, lengths and lays on special order.

If you feel like trying a new kind of rope give us a call and we'll try to help you choose the rope that best fits your needs.

One of the most common questions people ask is what kind of rope is the best to learn with. That kind of rope is not for sale, because it's that old soft nylon rope hanging in your neighbor's tack room. If he does not want to part with his old favorite rope, consider trading him a brand new one for it. And if that doesn't work, we'll send you a nice soft or extra soft aged nylon. Nothing too fancy or too fast, but something that won't foul you and keep you from getting too many rope burns.

Well, that's it. Good luck with your roping and take as many dallies as it takes! And thanks for checking out our ropes!


Note: We decline responsibility for any habit-forming and possibly permanent addiction that could occur when using our ropes. Rope at your own risk!