Parting Words

As a parting word we want to Thank you for having taken the time to check our stuff out. This web site is a work in progress so we'll update with more gear and new ropes as they become available.

Also, while we got some expert help building this site from Steve and Emily at the Eclectic Horseman, we are still not taking email and such. On the other hand, we keep the phone handy, right here on the bench. Give us a call!


Michelle Michel
PO BOX 34 Eagleville, CA 96110
Call 530-640-1243

For those of you who want to buzz us prior to landing we'll go run the sheep off of the landing strip. But don't land on empty, you'll be with us awhile! Come again Steve!

Coming Soon!

OX Ranch Tips
Presenting tips related to rope, roping and horse handling.

Usin' Gear
Check back here soon to see a selection of everyday cowboy gear available in stock.